30 Days of Wasteful Spending!

Flushing away your tax dollars: $300,000 for a boat-landing bathroom.

30 Days of Waste | DAY ELEVEN | $300,000 for a boat-landing bathroom.

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2 Responses to 30 Days of Wasteful Spending!

  1. Waterlover says:

    OK…..can you give more details? $300k is stupid if its a porta potty but if it was $300k for a bathroom at a heavily used beach next to a boat ramp then it might make sense. Not taking sides, just want all the facts and not looking to blindly follow the propaganda.

    • Bruce Vogel says:

      The bathroom funding was in the environment/Ag policy bill. I am waiting for more info on just what type of bathroom we are talking. All of these are “proposed” spending and I do not believe have been voted on yet but it shows the type of pork that is being asked for. This is a budget year and generally there is no bonding bill unless there is a flood or some other emergency. Next year is supposed to be the bonding year…yet they are packing lots of spending in a big bonding bill now!

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