100 Days…100 Facts: Combating Aquatic Invasive Species

Combating Aquatic Invasive Species

Republicans legislators showed a strong commitment to protecting our waterways by
combating aquatic invasive species, namely silver and bighead carp. A 2012 bill
(H.F. 2430) included $1.8 million for a University of Minnesota research study and
$7.5 million to fund carp barriers.

Many other substantial changes came to Minnesota’s aquatic invasive species laws
during the 2011-12 biennium (H.F. 1097, H.F. 2164), including: check stations at
boat landings; allowing conservation officers to do more in controlling AIS; requiring
live wells/bait containers, etc., to be drained before leaving any water body; requiring
water-related equipment businesses to obtain AIS training and permits; requiring
water equipment such as boat lifts and docks to be “aired out” for 21 days before
being placed into a different body of water; and doubling penalties for AIS violations.

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