Tax the middle class

“Under the House Democrat Tax bill, 60 percent of people in the middle income tax bracket will see an income tax increase.” And this is from the party that campaigned on helping the middle class. When all is said and done, this session, they will have done great damage to the struggling middle class!

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Surly Brewing Speaks out on tax

Surly Brewing Company released a statement opposing the House Democrats’ plan to raise beer excise taxes by 600%. What do you think?

“At Surly, as we continue to expand, we will …soon outgrow Minnesota’s small brewer excise tax exemption. If this tax is increased 600 percent, as proposed, it will deal us a serious blow while we try to make more beer. It will affect how much you pay for your beer. We realize that ultimately no one likes taxes but this proposed increase punishes growth and success, and a 600 percent increase is just plain unreasonable.”



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30 Days of Wasteful Spending

30 Days of Waste | DAY THIRTEEN | $6,500,000 for Ice Arena Upkeep.  Now is not the time to pack on “pork”
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30 Days of Wasteful Spending!

Flushing away your tax dollars: $300,000 for a boat-landing bathroom.

30 Days of Waste | DAY ELEVEN | $300,000 for a boat-landing bathroom.

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Democrats cut Senior Care

Today on the floor, our Representatives took up the Democrats’ Health and Human Services (HHS) bill. Even with $3 billion in new taxes and fees, Democrats are cutting HHS by $150 million. Rural nursing homes and all hospital patients will be the hardest hit under this proposal.

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Schools Receive Payment

I heard Speaker Thissen, on the radio this morning, talking about paying back the school shift. I find it interesting, but no surprise, that he said nothing about the payment that was just made to the schools on Dec. 28. Here is a little bit of a press release about that.EARLY FUNDING PAYMENTS EN ROUTE TO SCHOOLS
Republican budget turnaround means school districts to see aid immediately

St. Paul- Minnesota classrooms will see dollars sooner than expected because of responsible budgeting by Republican legislative majorities. Through prioritized spending and without increasing the tax burden on hardworking Minnesotans, Republicans turned a $6.2 billion projected budget deficit into a $2.5 billion budget surplus for 2012-13.

A portion of those surplus funds immediately went toward replenishing the state’s budget reserves and cash flow account. The remaining $1.6 billion in surplus funds paid off the school shift that was part of the 2011 budget compromise and is beginning to pay back the debt to schools borrowed by the DFL in 2010. School districts received a scheduled payment on December 15th and will receive another payment on Friday, December 28th.
Seems he somehow forgets that they(the DFL) borrowed $2 billion in 2010 to balance their budget. So we have paid back all of the $700 million we borrowed, plus almost $1 billion that they did.

Here is what the schools in our area were set to receive on the 28th;

ACGC = $1,166,592
KMS (Kerkhoven-Murdoch-Sunberg) = $878,770
MACCRAY = $1,037,322
NLS (New London Spicer) = $1,997,054
RCW (Renville County West) = $837,068
Wilmar = $6,644,313

I have not heard this talked about on the news and felt good news for our schools should be shared

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100 Facts…100 Days: Sick Tax Repeal

Minnesota Legislature Repeals Sick Tax

The 2 percent “sick tax” is being eliminated through legislation Republicans led
to enactment in 2011 (H.F. 25). Minnesotans have paid this tax on medical care
the last 20 years. It hits low-income earners the hardest, adding to burdensome
health-care costs many people already struggle to afford. The repeal will take place
in stages until the tax is fully eliminated in 2019.

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100 Days…100 Facts: State Support for Education

When it comes to funding education, Minnesota goes to the head of the class.

Nearly 2/3 of K-12 funding in Minnesota comes from the state, while only 29% comes
from local revenue.

In Minnesota, the state funds 65% of the cost of Education; the local share is 29%,
and the federal government’s share checks in at 6%.

A closer look reveals that our neighboring states have a much higher local taxpayer
burden. South Dakota funds 1/3 of the cost of schools. In North Dakota, that number
is 37%. In Wisconsin, it’s 44%; and in Iowa, the number climbs to 46%.

In South Dakota, 51% of the cost of K-12 Education is picked up by local governments.

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100 Days…100 Facts: Veterans Tax Credit Suffers Dayton Veto

Veterans Tax Credit Suffers Dayton Veto

In 2012, Republicans made an effort to partner with Governor Dayton on reducing
unemployment among veterans. The Minnesota National Guard reported that 22 percent
of veterans returning from Kuwait are unemployed, a number everyone agrees is way
too high.

The Republican Legislature passed two bills to create a Veterans Jobs Tax Credit
in Minnesota, similar to what is offered at the federal level. Governor Dayton
vetoed both bills.

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100 Days…100 Facts: Safe Harbors Protects Sexually Exploited Youth

Safe Harbors Treat Child Victims of Prostitution as Victims, Not Criminals

The average age of a girl’s entry into prostitution/sex trafficking is 12 to 14
years old. In the month of August 2010 alone, 124 girls were sole on the Internet
— a 55% increase since February 2010. In 2011, the Minnesota Legislature approved
and Governor Dayton signed into law the Minnesota Safe Harbors Act. Prior to this
law, Minnesota defined children engaged in prostitution as both sex trafficking
victims and juvenile delinquents. The new law defines a juvenile committing a prostitution offense under the age of 16 as a sexually exploited youth in need of protection or services, not a criminal. The new law also included the definition of sexually
exploited youth in Minnesota’s child protection code, created a mandatory first-time
diversion for any 16 or 17 year old who has been exploited in prostitution, and
increased penalties on adult patrons or “johns.”

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